Safety Tips When Using Chemicals

  • Chemical treatments are not major time consumers, but are essential and should be carried out by a responsible adult.
  • Ensure chemical containers are labelled and follow the label instructions
  • Add chemicals to water and not vice versa
  • If adding powder chemicals to a pool for a specified reason, ensure that there is no wind blow that could blow it back in your face
  • Avoid spillage and wash your hands thoroughly after chemically treating your pool.
  • Close containers after use, and store in a cool dry place AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND ANIMALS, preferably in a locked secure area.
  • To dispose of empty chemical containers, rinse out in pool water first before placing in refuse bin.

Safety Tips Around Your Pool

  • Do not leave children or non-swimmers on their own
  • Clearly label the water depth
  • Make sure that a lifebuoy and first aid kit are available
  • Do not use Outdoor pools during an electrical storm
  • Do not use electric appliances near the pool
  • Avoid glass around the pool

Safety Tips Around The Spa

  • Never allow the water temperature to exceed 40°C
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages before or during Spa use, and avoid glass around the Spa
  • Do not allow children to use the Spa unsupervised
  • CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR before using the Spa if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, have any cardiovascular condition or are on medication
  • Do not use electrical appliances around the Spa