Pool Refurbishment

Cascade Swimming Pools refurbish swimming pools throughout East Anglia.

Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a pool can be hard work and with so many factors to think about it can be confusing. With the help of Cascade Swimming Pools’ new help and advice service which is available to download today everything will be clarified. If there are any other queries that you wish to ask, please feel free to contact us.

Domestic Refurbishment

Domestic Refurbishment

Commercial Refurbishment

Commercial Refurbishment

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pool Refurbishment Services in East Anglia  


We offer swimming pool refurbishment for a range of pools, including tiled pools and liner pools.

Our comprehensive pool refurbishment services can also include replacement pool liners, coping stones, pool terracing, pool equipment, painting and re-tiling pools.

Added water features and automatic slotted or safety covers can turn an old pool into something stunning! Contact us for swimming pool refurbishment so you can enjoy it with your family and friends again.



If you’re considering swimming pool refurbishment in East Anglia, you’re sure to have questions about the cost, process and advantages of refurbishing your pool. Please see our frequently asked questions so that you can make an informed decision about your future swimming pool refurbishment project.


Why should I refurbish my swimming pool?

Older swimming pools require refurbishment as they begin to deteriorate. Refurbishing your pool will give it the update it needs to revitalise the look and improve pool functionality. Allowing your pool to degrade provides a fertile environment for harmful bacteria to spread, causing diseases. Swimming pool refurbishment will enhance the aesthetic, improve energy efficiency and aid swimming safety.


How do I know when my swimming pool needs refurbishment?

You will need a swimming pool refurbishment when the pool shows signs of cracks, leakage, worn-out tiling and surfaces, faulty pool equipment, and out-dated designs. Contact us to request a viewing or quote, one of our experienced swimming pool consultants will be happy to assist in assessing your pool’s requirements.


How long does swimming pool refurbishment take?

The timeline of your swimming pool refurbishment is dependent on your requests and requirements. Previous pool refurbishment projects have taken approximately several weeks for short-term jobs, up to several months for more complex ventures. For a more accurate quote, contact us now!


How much does it cost for swimming pool refurbishment in East Anglia?

The cost of swimming pool refurbishment depends on the amount of work involved. On average, swimming pool refurbishment can cost anywhere between £5,000, and upwards of £50,000. Contact us to get your swimming pool refurbishment project started.




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