Looking after a pool need not be a chore, and after balancing your water in Spring, implement a routine that ensures the following:

Good Regular Chemical Routines

Maintain disinfectant levels to control bacteria and regularly check pH levels.
Implement weekly shock treatment, or alternatively as a minimum after heavy pool use.
algae treatment – prevention is better than cure.

Periodic Regular Routines

Remove leaves and contamination prior to swimming and clean water line grease weekly.
Backwash filtration system weekly.
Reset water balance for alkalinity and hardness each month.
Pools fitted with a cartridge (normally smaller above ground pools – but not always) should clean their cartridges every 4-6 weeks depending on size and usage.

Parameter Ideal Range Comments
Chlorine/Bromine 1 – 3 ppm Vital
Alkalinity 80 – 140ppm Vital
PH (acid/alkali scale) 7.2-7.6 Vital
Chlorine/Bromine 1 – 3 ppm Periodic
Calcium Hardness 200 – 500ppm Periodic
TDS Max 1500 ppm Is normally controlled by backwashing – check annually