1. Remove Winter Debris Cover And Clean Before Stowing Away

Remove loose debris with a hose or clean off more serious contamination with cleaner and hard brush, to ensure mould staining and drying matter are not winter cover problems next winter.

2. Clean Copings And Surrounds

Hard brushing with water may suffice, with periodic ‘Chlorine Solution’ use for scale removal and extra colour restoration.

3. Brush Pool Walls

Use a pool brush to detach any wall-clinging matter

4. Check Circulation System (Pump & Filter)

Filtration unit media (usually sand) benefits from periodic changing (max. 3yrs), annual cleaning for grease removal (annually) and regular backwashing during use. This is a good time to consider where you are.

5. Superchlorinate/Oxidise

Depending on the state of the pool, and how effective winterisation treatments have been, Shock/Oxidise the pool appropriately with the filter system ‘on’.

6. Test The Water Balance

pH levels, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness should be correct

7. Clean Waterline

Use ‘Tile & Liner Cleaner or Waterline Cleaning Paste’ to eliminate liner/concrete grease bands.

8. Ensure Testing Equipment/Reagents Are In Date/Work

Check stock and ensure pH, Chlorine and Total Alkalinity tests can be properly taken by you this season.

9. Purchase Early Chemical Stocks

Ensure enough sanitiser and pH correctives are in store, together with algaecides and special treatments like ‘Stain & Scale Inhibitor’ or ‘Multi Stain Remover’ for hard waters.

10. Enjoy The Season!