Prefabricated Pools

Introduce personal style and elegance into your life

Like other shaped pools these pools offer a unique and decorative solution. These pools are ideal for those wanting to make an architectural statement rather than focusing on laps. They also work well for water exercise classes.

Prefabricated Pools

LUXE Pools is a new range of luxury one piece GRP pools and are available in over fifteen different models to choose from.  LUXE pools are able to accommodate most of your pool requirements.

LUXE pools are designed to cater for the extreme temperature changes in northern Europe, Scandinavian and Russian climates. The pools are provided with a 20yr structural warranty and a 10yr colour-osmosis guarantee.

Prefabricated pools can be quickly and easily installed in approximately 1 week once the pool area has been prepared in advance of the pools arrival.

All models are built to order usually taking 6 – 8 weeks.

Download Our Pre Fabricated Pools Brochure Here:

Luxe Pools Pre Fabricated Pools Brochure

Pool Models

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If you would like more information on pre-fabricated pools or would like to arrange a visit to discuss your needs, then please call us on  01449 723656 and our helpful and friendly staff will gladly take your call and answer any questions you may have.

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